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 Holly Jacobs has been a professional animal communicator and intuitive healer for over 25 years. Since early childhood she has been telepathically communicating with any pet and assisting wildlife. Holly currently resides in the Kansas City area but conducts her work via phone consultations, regardless of one's location. 

Animal Communicator, MSEd Counselor, Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Pet Psychic, Medium

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Regardless of the species of your pets, Holly will help you understand their needs, behavior and past history.  She is also referred to as a pet communicator, animal whisperer, pet psychic, animal intuitive and medium.


Through thousands of pet readings over the past 25 years and the multiple ways she receives telepathic communication, Holly is able to address ANY situation and provide live and interactive feedback to the pet's family.  By communicating with your pet, she will identify the root cause, a key to formulating successful strategies/interventions, but she doesn't stop there.  Aided by her MSEd, Holly so naturally incorporates her professional skills as a Master of Education Counselor to facilitate a more harmonious outcome, while taking into consideration what is feasible due to your family dynamics.

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Holly will share what brings your pet joy or the amount of pain being experienced and when it occurs.  Other considerations may include:
What sign would indicate when it's too difficult?  What interventions are working?  Messages to share?  Special requests before crossing over?  Transition on their own or vet assist? 
Please consider giving your animal companion this gift before saying goodbye.

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Ms Jacobs integrates her Reiki Master degree as a foundational system for intuitive energy healing, which facilitates healing on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical planes. These alternative healing sessions are conducted in-home or long distance.  She addresses both root causes and contributing factors.

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Click here to discover frequently asked questions Holly receives about how sessions work and more!

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Holly seems to be “hardwired “ for ones who don’t communicate verbally. This driving inclination has drawn Ms Jacobs to work with pets throughout her life and focus her teaching/counseling skills on individuals with autism and related developmental disabilities. 

Holly has always been able to communicate with animals, even during her early childhood, and after completing a BS and MSEd degrees began professionally communicating with animals over 25 years ago. Ms. Jacobs also has a Reiki Master degree, which she uses as a foundational system for energy healings for pets. 

Due to the multiple ways she receives telepathic information, Holly is able to address ANY issues that may exist while providing live and interactive feedback to her clients. When discussing behavioral/relationship issues, her proficiency in counseling provides her with a unique ability to help pets reach a more harmonious agreement which fits within the family dynamics, rather than just reporting the reason for the issue. She has clients throughout the United States and  abroad.

Ms. Jacobs finds it a true blessing to work with animals and people who love their pets so dearly. She is available for sessions during pet friendly events or private in-home readings within the greater Kansas City area.  Holly conducts phone conferences, regardless of one’s location.

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Denise Farris

I received a “reading” from Holly as a gift from a friend. To be truthful, as a lawyer I take most psychic communications with a healthy dose of salt. Not wanting to hurt the feelings of my friend, I scheduled the appointment but with great skepticism. When Holly arrived, the first thing I noticed was the immediate change in the behavior of the animals. They absolutely reacted to her. In the case of my high spirited Arabian Copper, he walked up to her and placed his forehead against hers. Totally out of character. In summary, Holly communicated things to me from Copper that I did not know, and she could not possibly have known. The information dealt with his prior owners before he came to me as a just turned 4 year old.  Again as a lawyer, I had his registration papers and was able to investigate and verify. All of the information was spot on.Through the years I’ve seen her totally transform relationships between people and their loved animals. She is totally legit and gets my highest recommendation.


If you would like to set up an animal communication session with Holly or if you questions, please feel free to contact her via e-mail or phone.  Holly is available to visit homes or stables in Kansas and Missouri within the Greater Kansas City area, and she will conduct phone consultations regardless of one’s location.

Holly Jacobs

 Animal Communicator

 MSEd Counselor

 Intuitive Healer

 Reiki Master



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"Ever wonder what your pet is trying to tell you? Do you wish you could read its mind? Holly Jacobs of Independence, Mo., is a pet psychic. She works with horses, cats, dogs and other animals for private owners and corporate clients such as Hallmark that hire animals."


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"Holly Jacobs bowed her head, closed her eyes and began to concentrate on communicating with Lexi, a 3-year-old black lab.
Jacobs says she can telepathically communicate with animals and can not only read their thoughts but also explain things to them and help them change their behavior."

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"Over the holidays, my sister Britni received the gift of time with a pet psychic from my parents. Below is a photo of her with the gift and her dog Otis that she rescued. Animal control found him in an alley, he was very malnourished when she adopted him. Britni always wanted to know what his life was like before and why no one was trying to find him. One of my father's coworkers had used a pet psychic (she actually identifies herself as a pet communicator) and thought it worth the try. I thought I would share her experience.

Britni said the pet communicator communicated telepathically with Otis. She would close her eyes and then tell Britni what the dog said. Here are some highlights on what the communicator said Otis told her."

Pet Talker Holly Jacobs with Cat Third E

"Holly Jacobs [...] says she has always been able to communicate with animals, even during her early childhood. She’s been working professionally with pets for over 20 years. “For a short period of time, I was told by my parents that I was just pretending to talk to animals. However, they soon observed my relationship with animals and reported communications were most unique,” she says. “I feel really fortunate to have been raised in a home which included cats, dogs, and horses.”

With clients throughout the United States and abroad, Jacobs says due to the multiple ways she receives telepathic information, she’s is able to address any issues that may exist—including pain. That’s some big (horse)shoes to fill. “Animals can be more stoic than humans about their physical ailments, which is why the clairsentience is most helpful. I am able to feel in my body what the pet is experiencing in his/her body,” she says. “It is just one of my psychic ways of knowing but is very imperative with animals, as by the time they noticeably present with physical problems their condition is most likely more serious.”

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